Samuddi - Sri Lankan Professional Model

24 years old

About her
Hello I am Samuddi Aluthgama Arachchi. Those who know me, call me Samu.
I am living in Sri Lanka : that little wonderful island near the south of India.
I am doing beauty hair dressing and I hold a CITY and GUILDs diploma. My main interest however goes to fashion and modeling. Already since I was a little young girl I was fascinated by the art of fashion and it was my dream to once become a successful model
I believe that one can make this world more beautiful by starting with oneself. After all a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So catch me on camera quickly.
As I love the art of fashion I am willing to work hard in this kind of business. I am very open and have no problem to work with different professional people wherever they are in this world. Their skills will make the process exciting and fun which will even more excel my performance.
I kindly invite you to look at my pictures. In these pictures all the make-up and hairstyle were done by me. The pictures are taken straight from the camera : there is no Photoshop processing or any other retouching done. I leave it up to your wise judgment if I am photogenic and have potential to become a model or not. Any comments on my pictures are highly appreciated as I am always eager to learn.

Fit Model Bio

Bra size 34A,
Bust 84cm,
Underbust 68cm,
Chest above bust 81cm,
Shoulder width bone-bone 37cm,
Waist 66cm,
Top hip 81cm,
Hip 24cm below waist-92cm
Thigh at fullest part 50cm,
Out sideleg from waist to floor 100cm
Nape to wrist over shoulder with arm slightly bend 77cm