Hijab Stylist

Its never occurred to me that, just as we want our hair styled for big events, you might want your Hijab styled, and why not? Well that's were a hijab stylist will come in. I know personally its can be somewhat confusing and often difficult to jazz up your scarf {how many times can one add a flower?} especially when it comes to special occasions.

I came across Hannah Naz of Hidden Pearlz who is a Hair & Hijab Stylist and Thaira Sheraz MakeUp, both these talented ladies got together and created beautiful looks below.

Which one do you like? would you consider someone styling your hijab? 

♥ this style & makeup

Of course as with hair, you can ask for something that will suit you and what your wearing. Have you used someone to style your hijab? did you even know this services was available?

Hijab Stylist ~ HiddenPearlz Hair-HijabStylist

Makeup ~ Thaira Sheraz Make Up

Photography ~ Mihai Crisan Photography