Real Wedding - Ruku Te Fenil Da Vyaah ~ The Wedding of Rachita (Ruku) & Fenil )

Morning Lovelies, hope you have had a rested weekend, we start the week off with a gorgeous burst of colour, straight from Mumbai by one of my fave Indian based photographers Ramit Batra

Here he talks about the couple, i do love they way photographers describe their weddings & couples ~

"Six long years ago, a tall, handsome, Gujarati chhokro met a beautiful Punjabi kudi and love happened. What followed was the sort of stuff Bollywood bestsellers are made of - long drawn struggles of convincing families, despair, hope and finally a new happy beginning. And we were honoured to be a part of a wedding celebration so special, it touched our hearts. And we are proud to present the newly made Mrs & Mr Shah"

chhokro = boy (gujarati); kudi = girl (punjabi)