Whats Going On/Bloggers Block

Its been pretty quite on the blog lately, what with the sparse postings, sorry..

But alot been happening behind the scene, and when that happens the blog is first to be hit.

most bloggers do but sometimes you just need a break via

Why the lack of posts?

Couple of weeks back everyone at home was hit really hard with the flu bug, especially my girls and hubby, looking after all 3 of them wiped me out, i was so physical and mentally drained that blogging was the last thing i was thinking about, its really something that i enjoy and feel inspired to do, so didn't want to blog about just for the sake of it, plus i couldn't find the time....

Cant Blog..Wont Blog...

A couple of days off, turned into a few...The not blogging part was starting to become a little stressful, i had a schedule, which i liked keeping to, but when i wanted to write, i couldn't, seriously if there is such a thing as writers block then i had bloggers block, anyone had this? what did you do? i literary couldn't think what to post, which is pretty weird, if you've been doing something everyday for nearly a year..

if you follow me on twitter you may have found me complaining about my mojo going awol, as per lovely folk on twitters advice i took a step back,  i went out biking, went to town, the library, took pictures..{not all in the same day mind} but rest assured my inspiration would come.. in its own time.

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Sometimes you just need some me time, don't you think?...but i still didn't want to blog, in fact iv been feeling pretty low last few weeks, seems it been things just piling up, re branding & taking something you do as fun to something that might pay you back isn't the easiest of task, well not for me anyway, if you have ever started a small business you'll know how hard it can be... couple that with going away ..uff!

Good Times Are a Coming!


So I'm feeling slightly inspired now, i mean I'm writing this aren't i?! as a type I'm in the middle of getting a shiny new site designed, which is been on the cards for a while now, look forward to sharing it with you in March{fingers crossed}also working on something a little top secret, that's taking me all the way to Lahore this weekend..seriously cant wait to share that one...its a gamble but hey life's for taking risks right? I'll be blogging about my trip, on my other blog, daily {she says}so if you like food/shopping you may just want to check it out! blog ke peeche

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so true, my new mantra via

I feel really blessed to be able to take a labour of love and turn it into that little more, once I'm back I'll be taking on some event styling & even getting into some full blown wedding planning, only within the north west of England though.

So you off on a holiday?

Lahore ~ via 
Well no not really, everyone keeps joking its going to be my second honeymoon {i got married in Lahore, more on that later}i have really mixed feelings about going, on one hand new adventures await, but on the other and if your a mum you might squeal in horror with "your doing what" but I'm leaving the girls behind, for 2 whole weeks with my parents, difficult is an understatement, luckily they have sleep overs at my mums all the time, and they dot on them, but two weeks in a whole different country without them, no kisses or hugs..how will i cope...although my little one assures my she will give them via the laptop! :)

So how do you stay inspired? anywhere i should visit while I'm away in pakistan?

Love to hear your thoughts..

If you want to email then you can get me here rabs@asianweddingideas.co.uk or we can talk via twitter