Body Image ~ Change your Perspective

"Her face is totally messed up after pregnancy,she doesn't look the same anymore,what the hell is going on!"
                                    "She needs to lose the weight....soon...."
"Her arms are SO big :| HOW the hell did they get so big??? I mean she used to be so skinny. It's shocking to see someone like her, an ex miss world, get so damn fat. 

"To those people who argue that she just had a baby, shut up. There are a lot of women who give birth and don't get crazy fat like her. It is all up to the individual to make an effort."

                                                                      "She lost the "most beautiful woman in the world tag"
"From a model to beauty queen to actress to fat auntie"

"I think its you who need to get real...she is not an ordinary woman...she is in the glamour business...she sells her face and her body...she is known for her beauty...she is not ordinary like us,she has all the money facilities in this world so yeah she needs to fix her body first...its not that difficult and its not to much to ask for... not every one in this world but every woman in this business needs to have a certain figure,these norms are set by the glamour world so she needs to follow it because she is a part of you get real please!! I have no objection when ordinary women gain weight because they don't sell them selves in ads and films."

"If you're getting paid millions, there's no excuse for looking like this. If she were just staying at home, then it wouldn't matter"

What do you think of the comments above, little harsh don’t you think? Their talking about Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachan who is just under 5 months postpartum.

Is it just me or is this perspective wrong?

So {shockingly}she hasn’t gone back to her pre pregnant figure, the public it seems want to know why not? but is it really soo bad, shes put on a little? 

"You're damned if you're too thin and you're damned if you're too heavy. According to the press I've been both. It's impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying."  - Jennifer Aniston

I’m not writing this because I’m her biggest fan, but because this idea of fat means ugly needs is wrong and the pressure for new mums to all of a sudden to be a size 10, LIKE a month after giving birth really needs to stop...

We’re not all the same
Be it your first time of 1st time or your 10th time, being a new mum is hard, your body goes through major physical change, trust me weight is the last thing you’re thinking of {that is unless people keep pointing it out} and it’s pretty depressing as it is to know that the clothes in your wardrobe probably don’t fit you right now.

Believe it or not, we are all unique in how much we put on during pregnancy and how quickly it comes off after, for some women going back to pre-pregnancy shape happens quickly and naturally, for others it takes longer and you need to work hard at it. But who’s to say when that should happen? 1 month? 3 months 6? A year?

I once read it takes can take your body a whole year to recover physically from pregnancy, so why the pressure...

Take it easy she’s a new mum..
If you have had a baby you will know it’s not all text book, from the moment you get pregnant to delivery anything can happen, even after your bundle of joy arrives, looking fabulous and trim asap can at times be the last thing on your mind.

There is enough pressure to have the perfect baby and be the perfect mum as it is, add what a new mum should look like{yummy mummy}it can be a bit much.

{noted - that Aishwarya is in a business where your body and face is your income, and we expect our stars to look a certain way, but that really not the point, I wonder people making these comments above are they mothers? Have they been through pregnancy? Do they have anybody issues? I know I do} 


Bricks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Hah this is what my mum would tell me, but as we all know mean and nasty comments do hurt, especially if its about a physical attribute. 

We seem to live in a culture that encourages us to rage and lash out at our bodies, even to hate them, for looking a certain way. In this case hating on someone who doesn't look the same as they did before. Causing people to call them "ugly". What kind of view is this? What is the purpose, other than to just be mean, I know the world isn’t a fluffy place but the comments are seen by others and in turn only fuels a twisted view of body image.

On my trip to Pakistan I came across a lot of prejudices, I don’t know but felt it more there, while meeting far flung relatives, I would hear, mothers complaining about their daughters were too dark or fat, short, tall etc.

And the old age “who’s going to marry her” reared its ugly head. It’s awful to think that if your mother is telling you this, then what can that girl expect from her future husband or in-laws??

I once actually heard someone say I hope I don’t have a fat baby girl.. I wondered then if she did would she love her any less?

Will it Change?
This social standard of what the right body image is, has really damaging effects on not only us but our future children, so not only can we change, we need to.

Were constantly force feed that we need to be striving for perfection. Last time I checked there is no such thing, yet the media, have us all warped with their body image brain washing.

But lets be honest this isn’t something that will really stop, after all magazines and films tell us a certain look is beautiful, so until that changes people will still have expectations. 


These are just my view, and i would love to hear yours on any of these subjects, do you feel pressure to be a certain way?? Leave a comment here or on facebook

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