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There is a genre of beautiful art photography that's not often written about
i want to clarify that when we refer to nude photography, we mean images that are artistic, creative, and generally tasteful. We realize that a nude image might evoke surprise or discomfort for the viewer. However, we do not refer to pornographic images in this post. Also, we do not support the exploitation of a person serving as an unwilling model. There are significant differences between legitimate and artistic nude photography and pornography.  
nude photography
Professional photography that is nude, semi-nude, or implies nudity is typically considered nude photography. It's also regarded by most photographers as a type or sub-genre of fine art portrait photography. 
it can be used for personal purposes - a client would like to gift it to a partner, for example. It can also be requested for commercial purposes, such as an advertisement. 
nude photography typically generates expressive, artistic imagery that can sometimes also be poignant. The most apparent difference between nude portraiture and regular portraits, of course, is that the model isn't wearing any clothes. There's nothing to hide behind. But it's that degree of exposure and vulnerability, that an experienced photographer can capture beautifully and artistically. Nude photography is not like landscape photography that everybody wants to do. Especially for the women behind the lens and the photographers behind it. Or even nude men photography.
photography is not like landscape photography that everybody wants to do. Especially for the women behind the lens and the photographers behind it. Or even nude men photography.
although it makes some people uneasy, it is a style that has been practiced in one art form or another for decades, and if done correctly, you can create some really amazing pictures.


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