Prashasthi Dahami Sri Got the Perfect New Outfit to Show Her New Look!

Sri Lankan fashion is known for its traditional and modern styles that blend together seamlessly. 

Recently, model Prashasthi Dahami made waves in the Sri Lankan fashion world when she wore a mustard shirred bardot crop top with a trendy cotton silk Sarong.

 This stylish look was inspired by the old culture of Sri Lanka and showcased how traditional elements can be incorporated into modern looks. 

Model : Prashasthi Dahami Sri

The mustard yellow colour of the bardot crop top provided an eye-catching contrast to her dark hair, which added to her already beautiful features perfectly.

The ruffled neckline gave off romantic vibes while still maintaining a sophisticated feel that suited both daytime events and night time occasions alike! 

Meanwhile, Prashasthi's choice of Sarong further emphasized this classic yet contemporary aesthetic; it featured intricate prints along with subtle pleats at each side for movement – making it perfect for any occasion! 

Overall, Prashasti’s outfit was not only fashionable but also culturally relevant - reminding us all about our rich heritage as well as inspiring us to create new trends from them too! 

Her style proves that you don't have to sacrifice tradition in order to make something fashionable; instead you can use those same elements in creative ways so they become even more stylish than before! 

We love seeing models like Prashasthi embracing their roots through their clothing choices – here’s hoping we see more looks just like hers soon enough!.


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