Makeup Mondays – How to deal with a pushy MUA

It’s Double December! That means two makeup posts each Monday for the next four weeks. Enjoy.

Before we begin let me assure you that most makeup artists are absolutely lovely to work with and hire. They love what they do and they know how to do it well. But occasionally you come across the slightly smug ones who have experience and a reputation which makes them seem to think that they know what’s best, regardless of what you, the bride think or want.

This is dedicated to all the smuggy MUA’s out there to let them know that it’s ok to stand back and listen to the bride. And for the brides to be out there that it’s ok to let the MUA know that you are not 100% happy with the look.

A professional MUA will always understand that you have envisioned this day since you were a little girl and as an adult that you have a personal taste and style which you don’t want to venture too far from.

Remember, your wedding day is not the day you really want to be experimenting with a ‘look’ that you don’t feel totally comfortable with. You should feel relaxed and happy with your makeup. If you don’t like your look, it will show on your face (pun intended). And to top it off, you will have hundreds of photos serving as a reminder of your big day. So you want to look back with happy memories of your makeup.

So you book your appointment for your trial, at that point, the MUA should know exactly what colours are in your outfit so she can organise her products and tools accordingly. If the MUA doesn’t ask, you should say anyway.

Before and during your appointment, if you feel the colours aren’t right or the application isn’t pleasing you, let the MUA know. Some people find confrontation hard but you are going to be handing over a large chunk of cash so ensure it’s well spent.

If the MUA insists the makeup needs to look a certain way then hear her out, it might look amazing. But if you don’t like the end result then let them know. Pinpoint parts that you like and highlight parts that you don’t agree with. If need be then arrange another trial either with the same MUA or a different one to create the look you want.

Don’t feel bad for not booking the MUA, again, a professional will always understand and if they are as popular as they say they are then they will have dozens of brides to be in their diaries.

Story time

I was asked attend a makeup trial by a bride (to give my opinion as friend). This bride was wearing a gorgeous red and bronze outfit. The MUA applied red and yellow gold eye shadow and red lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, the eye shadow was applied and blended beautifully. However, there was no yellow gold in the outfit, or accessories, and the bride had never worn red lips in her life.

The bride asked what I thought. My face said it all. So putting the eye makeup aside I asked the MUA to try another lip colour as the bride didn’t like red. The MUA insisted that she wear red ‘because it’s her wedding day’. After a heated debate (me and the MUA), me saying she should feel happy with her look, MUA saying brides should wear red lips (should they? That’s a whole other post) she took her payment and left.

It took the bride 3 days and a trial with another MUA to cancel the red lip loving MUA. She needed a little support but she got there, stood up for her personal taste and style, and what she felt comfortable wearing. And she looked beautiful on her day.

The Happy Bride!!

What are your thoughts and experiences on over confident makeup artists? Do they have every right to tell you how you should look or should they listen to the bride even when they strongly disagree with her?

Maya oxox