Makeup - Readers Dilemma - Traditional v Contemporary


I am getting married next summer and I have chosen my dream outfit in red with antique gold embellishments. My mother-in-law is very involved with the entire wedding and especially what I am wearing. We are at a disagreement at the moment about my makeup.

I would like a contemporary smoky eye look with understated lips but my mother-in-law is insisting that I go for a more traditional look with kohl on my eyes and red lips as she said this is how a bride should look.

I had my heart set on dramatic eyes but I am confused now. I don’t want to look back on my wedding pictures and not feel like a bride, Should I go for the traditional look?

Dear Confused Future Dulhan,

First and foremost you need to look back at your makeup looks recently and ask yourself, what looks made me feel my best? And would certain colours and shades compliment my outfit and my skin tone? If you are still unsure then go for a makeup trial and have your jewellery and headpiece with you. You may surprise yourself at how much you love the traditional look.. Or you may dislike it so much that seeing a vision of what you might end up looking like will give you the confirmation that red is not for you at all.

Ultimately, it’s your wedding day and what you want to look like overrides anybody else’s personal opinion. Lets face it, we can’t please everybody and this is one aspect of your day in which you should 100% please yourself.

Both looks are beautiful, but which is for you?


Makeup - Chitra Ivan / Photo Credit Aysha Chaudhary {1}

Makeup - Ravita Pannu Artiste {2}


Makeup -  Ravita Pannu Artiste {3}

Makeup - Chitra Ivan {4}

What do you guys think? What should she do?

If you are already married, when did you get married and what type of makeup look did you go for?

If you aren’t married yet then what looks are you hoping to have on your big day?

Thanks to the ladies for their contribution, you can connect with the makeup artists of these looks on facebook {click on their name} or visit their websites

Looks 2 & 3 ~ Ravita Pannu-Henna|Makeup|Hair