Real Wedding - Madiha & Farhan by Sofi Seck Photography

LOVE does not even begin to describe the electricity that Madiha & Farhan share. I had only met Madiha once and had not met Farhan at all before shooting their beautiful wedding, so I was not really sure how they would interact with one another. But boy, was I in love with them by the time I was done shooting their wedding.

Madiha and Farhan are in love, ya’ll. I mean that deep kind of love that just pours out of their skin and into the air. The kind of love that screams every time they looked at each other or touched each other. My favorite kind of love.

I was originally hired by Madiha’s younger sister Bisma (who I just adore). Bisma, with the help of her family, planned the wedding and did a FABULOUS job. The details of the wedding were just gorgeous and the St. Louis Airport Marriot hotel served as a great location for the festivities. And if that weren’t enough, their entire family was just an absolute joy to work with. So … we have a hot couple full of love, two amazing families, a great location and stunning wedding details, and all of that equals a VERY happy Sofi Seck.

Madiha & Farhan, CONGRATS. You guys are amazing and I so loved shooting you. Enjoy your life together and thanks so much for a great wedding.
Bisma & family, THANK YOU so much. Peace and oh-so-much love!

words & pictures sofi seck