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Kangana Sharma is setting the internet on fire with her latest look! 
The actress was spotted wearing a sleeveless bodysuit in tiger eye color, and she looks absolutely stunning. 
Not only did the bold colors of her outfit make a statement, but it also highlighted her toned figure and curves perfectly. 

Actress : Kangna Sharma

The bodysuit featured an asymmetrical neckline that showed off Kangana's collarbone to perfection while still keeping things tasteful. 

She paired this look with some silver hoop earrings which added just enough sparkle to finish off the ensemble without being too flashy or over-the-top. 

Her makeup was kept minimal yet glamorous as well; opting for neutral shades on her eyes and lips that allowed for all of attention to be focused on how great she looked in this amazing outfit choice! 

Overall, Kangana Sharma looked hot as ever in this unique style choice – proving once again why she’s one of Bollywood’s most stylish stars! 

We can’t wait to see what other fashion choices the actress has up her sleeve next time around!


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