Ruhani Sharma Shows Off Her Sexy Padded Bra and High Split Leather Skirt

In recent days, the fashion industry has been abuzz with talk about Bollywood actress Ruhani Sharma's latest look. 

The star was seen wearing a Glamour dark grey padded bra and High Split PU Leather Skirt for an event in Mumbai. This outfit had all the elements of modern-day glamour – it was sexy yet sophisticated, edgy yet elegant. 

Indian Actress : Ruhani Sharma

The dark grey bra featured intricate lace detailing that added to its elegance and sophistication while still being comfortable enough to wear throughout the day or night out on town. 

It also provided ample support for her bust line without compromising on style or comfortability factor which is essential when choosing lingerie pieces like this one! Meanwhile, the high split leather skirt gave her ensemble a bold edge that made it stand out from other looks she’s worn recently; its sleek fit hugged every curve perfectly and showed off just enough skin to be tantalizingly attractive without crossing any lines into vulgarity territory! 

 All in all, we think Ruhani Sharma nailed this look with perfect execution – she looked absolutely stunning from head-to-toe! 

We can only hope that more celebrities take inspiration from her daring but tasteful choice of lingerie/skirt combination so they too can make their own statement at events such as these ones!


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